Friday, March 4, 2011

I will start my diet AGAIN tomorrow!!

The brown on the top is Cinnamon, and yes there is also cinnamon inside!
Okay these ROCK!!  My little girl wanted to take some muffins in for her teachers birthday, of course she tells me this at 8:30 at night (grrr) Anyways I pulled out the Cinnamon Crumb Cake Muffin Mix #6155 $2.99.  Great choice on my part.  Britany helped me make them, you only cook them for about 15 minutes.  My house smelled heavenly!!  All of us split 1 last night and then saved the rest for breakfast.  Needless to say we made 12 muffins, 2 went to Britanys teacher, we shared 1 as a family, my husband had 1, my kids had 4 for breakfast, 1 went to the dog, (yes my dog went to time out for that) so that leaves 3 for me!!  I enjoyed every bite!!!


  1. How did you get the cinnamon on the inside! Yummy!

  2. You put one layer of mix than top with Cinnamon then repeat!! Very easy and the instuctions are on the box!! I love easy things. :)

  3. You have a very smart dog that also has great taste!